What: MarketForce is a consumer experience management company that uses mystery shoppers and theater checkers

Expected pay: $3 – $15

Husl$core: $$

Commissions & fees: none

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Age 18 or over; clean criminal record


MarketForce is among a host of national consumer experience companies that employ ordinary people as mystery shoppers and theater checkers. Mystery shoppers go into coffee shops, restaurants and retail locations and report back about how well they were served. Were they greeted in a friendly manner? Did the server wear a name tag? Was the food hot? How did theater-goers react to movie previews? How many did they watch?

While pay for being a mystery shopper is poor, mystery shoppers generally say that they don’t mind because they’re getting paid to engage in experiences that they enjoy. That’s not true with MarketForce and its sister company, Certified Field Associates.

Many reviewers say that these companies not only pay poorly, they look for excuses to invalidate “shops,” denying both pay and reimbursement for the shopper’s costs. Theater-checking can also be time consuming and tedious.


If you’re interested in mystery shopping, we’d suggest you consider signing up with BestMark or SecretShopper, where there were far fewer worker complaints. 

What their shoppers say: (from Glassdoor)

The pay is awful; supervisors don’t trust workers; because supervisors don’t trust workers, the workers screw up

DO NOT contract with this company – they will say that you uploaded incorrect photos and throw out your shop without giving you a chance to make corrections. 

I was called repeatedly asking me to do a secret shopper assignment for a McDonalds. It was further away from my home than I wanted to travel, but after many, many calls, I relented at an increased rate of pay. After reporting my shop, I received an email saying that I would not be paid because I had bought the wrong item. The purchased item was on their list, but…they just wanted to get out of the higher fee. They are corrupt, and dishonest.

From Indeed:

I’ve been working for mystery shopping companies for over 15 years, and Market Force is the absolute WORST. They are dishonest, don’t care about their shoppers, and underpay by leaps & bounds. They will invalidate your shop and refuse payment without even trying to get clarification from you. I did a half dozen “approved” shops for them before they incorrectly invalidated one of my shops with no explanation or request for further info or clarification. I should’ve heeded the bad reviews/warnings that I read about them. Don’t waste your time. 

This is the typical job where it seems laid back and easy but they are raking in millions while you are barely paying for gas in your car to do any of the mystery shopper projects.

It does not pay very much but it’s easy work and the required paperwork for each shop only takes between 10 and 15 minutes. You get paid monthly. I have been making about $200 a month doing it. 

I like the wide range of jobs that you can choose to complete. Always exciting and informative. One of the best On-line opportunities available. Prompt payment with direct deposit.



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