What: Orange Crate is a delivery service that connects restaurants that want to have their food delivered with independent contractors willing to deliver it

Expected pay: $2.99 plus 54 cents per mile (above 2), plus 100% of the tip

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: 15% (the fee would make your net pay $2.54 per delivery, plus 46 cents per mile)

Where:  Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee and select cities in other states

Requirements: Be over the age of 18, have a car and a smart phone


Like GrubHub, Orange Crate invites workers to deliver restaurant meals to their customers in their free time. Also like GrubHub, your pay amounts to a delivery fee, which is partly set based on how many miles the delivery address is from the restaurant, plus a tip. The delivery fee is not generous, so everything depends on the tip.

To be specific, Orange Crate promises drivers 85% of the delivery fee and 100% of the tip. The delivery fee is $2.99, plus 54 cents for each mile driven over the first two miles. If the delivery is five miles from the restaurant, for instance, the delivery fee would be $2.99 plus $1.62 (3 extra miles x 54 cents) = $4.61. The driver would get 85% of that, or $3.92. If the customer tipped, you’d get that amount too.

Drivers are paid once every two weeks. However, it appears that their payment goes through a service called Jobble, which charges another 60 cents for each order. Bottom line: in the above scenario, the only guaranteed payment would work out to $3.32.

What about the tip?

The site says that its average order is $10. So, if the customer is generous and gives you a 20% tip, that means that you’ll earn about $6, for picking up food at a restaurant and delivering it to the customer’s house that’s five miles from the restaurant. You don’t get paid for driving to the restaurant or back home. So, whatever time and gasoline that requires is on you.

Assuming that you live nextdoor to the restaurant, the order is prepared on-time and you don’t hit traffic or have trouble parking, you could probably handle two or, on the outside, three deliveries in an hour. With these generous assumptions, you would be able to earn slightly more than minimum wage, but only if you don’t account for the cost of gasoline and wear and tear on your car. 

Moreover the chance of getting multiple deliveries in an hour may be slim. Although Orange Crate operates much like GrubHub, the site does not appear to have as many restaurant clients or the same geographic reach. We found precious few driver reviews and the few we found seemed suspect. 

That said, we’re not big fans of any of the food delivery jobs. If you want to deliver, we suggest Amazon Flex, which pays $18 to $25 per hour to deliver packages. Amazon differentiates itself by paying for every hour you agree to work, not just the hours that you happen to get a delivery. If you’re young and strong, we’d also recommend some of the moving/delivery options, such as Truxx, if you own a truck, and Dolly, if you don’t. 

What their drivers say (From Indeed):

Working with Orange Crate has been a great experience for me. I typically make more than I would make at any other job with no degree. On busy nights it’s easy to average $20+ an hour. What makes it so great is that I can create a schedule that works for me without ever needing to call out or find someone to cover a shift. Only downside is the miles I’m putting on my car.

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