Love being outdoors? There are a number of side hustle platforms that will help you find outdoor jobs ranging from dog walking to working in summer camps or providing landscaping and yard work.

Here are some of the best outdoor jobs and where you can find them.

Yard work

If your dream outdoor job involves doing yard work or landscaping, you can find jobs through TaskRabbit, JiffyOnDemand or GreenPal. However, each of these platforms works a little differently.

TaskRabbit allows you to post a profile, spelling out what you do and what you charge. That can be anything from running errands, pet-sitting, construction to yard work. You name the jobs and the terms. The site charges nothing to freelancers, so you get 100% of the rate you set. Find out more about TaskRabbit here.

JiffyOnDemand sets rates for you, but they’re reasonable. estimates that freelancers earn between $40 and $85 per hour taking jobs on this platform. Lawn care, for example, is billed out at $50 per hour and freelancers get at least 82% of the total after site fees. More on Jiffy.

GreenPal also allows you to set your own rates, but has contractors bid on jobs listed by clients. Here’s the skinny on GreenPal.

Seasonal outdoor jobs

CoolWorks finds seasonal jobs for people who want to work in camps and resorts. These jobs can range from being a horse wrangler on a dude ranch to working reception at a resort. These jobs generally aren’t highly paid, but they often come with perks like free or discounted housing, meals and activities. Check out CoolWorks here.

VagaJobs is another job board for seasonal workers. But it distinguishes itself by creating a standardized resume that you can use to apply to most jobs listed on the site by simply filling out the site’s questionnaire. Find out more about VagaJobs here.

SeasonWorkers also helps freelancers find seasonal work, however, this site specializes in jobs overseas — Europe, Australia, Asia, etc. Like CoolWorks, the pay may not knock your socks off, but there are perks a plenty. More on SeasonWorkers.

Local tours

Two sites — Viator and Tours by Locals — can help you offer local tours of your own making. These can be walking tours, foodie excursions, hiking, surfing — you name it. If you live in Europe, WithLocals, provides much the same service. You design and price the tours. The sites either mark-up your rate or take a commission to pay for their marketing and payment collection. Click on any of the site names above to find more information. (Links will open in a new tab, so you can easily return to this page.)

Walk dogs

Two sites — Rover and Wag — allow you to walk dogs for pay. Rover lets you set your own rates; Wag pays $12 to $15 for each half-hour walk (depending on whether you’re walking one dog or two). And unlike many of these other jobs, dog walking is always in season.

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