If your idea of a perfect outdoor side hustle involves coaching athletes — kids or adults — on how to improve their game, there’s a good site that can help you coach athletes called CoachUp.


CoachUp connects athletes with private coaches in pretty much any sport. In addition to creating the forum where coaches can advertise their services, the site covers coaches and clients booking through them with $1 million liability insurance policy.

Coaches are paid by direct deposit within a week following a coaching session. Coaches set their own rates. The site says that their average coach charges $45 per hour. The one catch is that this site charges very high fees for the first few sessions with a new client.

Specifically, on the first session booked with any individual athlete, you take home just 57% of the gross. The site takes the rest. However, the CoachUp commission drops with each subsequent booking with that same athlete. After five sessions, the site takes just 6% of the booking amount. 

You can learn more about CoachUp here.

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