There are a handful of online platforms that will pay you to play and compose music — or connect you with customers who will. Here are two of the best.

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Songfinch connects songwriters with people who want to commemorate a special event with a personalized song. Songwriters/recording artists are provided with the particulars of the event — i.e. engagement, anniversary, birthday. And they’re given a number of specific details that the consumer wants to include in the song. They can then accept or reject the request.

If they accept, they have four days to play and compose music for this custom song and upload it to the site. You’re allowed to reuse melodies that you’ve created for other works, but must write customized lyrics for each request.

The basic song includes two verses. However, consumers can request a third verse for an additional fee. Artists are paid $100 per standard song, plus $40 for an extra verse, plus tips.

You can sign up with Songfinch here.


StageRush is a young website that helps entertainers promote their acts. The site allows entertainers to post a profile, photos and videos of their bands and performances. It also easily connects to social media accounts; merchandize sales; and any events where you are already performing.

Site visitors can hire you through the site, send you “tips” and custom bookings, or just find out where you’re next appearing. You can also connect your calendar to show when you are and aren’t available. There’s no cost to list, but you’ll pay a 12% commission when you book a gig.

You can read our full StageRush review here.

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