Looking to sell jewelry? If you’ve got a local jeweler you trust, that’s the best place to start. However, these two online platforms also buy jewelry and gems and are worth checking out.


Worthy markets itself is a great place for the divorced and jilted to sell expensive engagement and wedding ring via auction. However, because many of the site’s buyers appear to be professional buyers, Worthy may do better at selling the stone in your ring, rather than the ring itself. One of the consistent complaints that sellers have is that the site will ask whether they can take the stone out of your jewelry to have it graded and that sometimes ruins the setting. Read our full review of Worthy here.

Circa Jewels

Circa Jewels offers to buy luxury watches, diamond rings, bracelets, brooches, etc. The company buys these items for resale, so they don’t take a fee or commission. But are going to offer you less than they expect to receive. Buying used jewelry is dicey for anyone because retail prices are often double wholesale prices. And, if you’re the middle-man, you’re going offer even less than half that so that you can re-sell that piece at a profit. Learn more about Circa Jewels here

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