What: Worthy markets itself as a place for divorced and jilted brides to sell their engagement and wedding rings, gems, jewelry and watches

Expected pay: NA

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & Fees: Fees are set on a sliding scale; flat $150 for items that sell for $750 or less; 20% of the sales price for items that sell for up to $5,000; the commissions drop as low as 5% for more expensive items. (The full commission schedule here)

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Jewelry to sell


Worthy markets itself is a great place for the divorced and jilted to sell expensive engagement and wedding ring via auction. However, because many of the site’s buyers appear to be jewelers and jewelry designers, the site may do better at selling the stone in your ring, rather than the ring itself.

Indeed, one of the consistent complaints that sellers have is that the site will ask whether they can take the stone out of your jewelry to have it appraised. The site typically DOES NOT replace the stone in the setting and the setting may be destroyed in the process. So do not approve removal of your stone unless you think the setting has no value. (Some old estate jewelry might fall into this category, where the stone itself is valuable but the setting is hopelessly out of date.) If the setting is classic or beautiful, know that Worthy can have your jewelry appraised without removing the stones.

Sellers generally either love or hate this site.

It appears that the haters have one of two complaints: They removed the stone and didn’t put it back; or the estimated value they were originally given was far higher than the value estimated once the jewelry was sent in. In some cases, the site has responded to the value complaints by politely explaining that sellers don’t always describe their items accurately (understandably, since sellers are not jewelers). For instance, a seller might describe a ring as having a 1.5 carat diamond, when the main diamond was smaller but the total carat weight of all the diamonds in the ring added to 1.5 carats, the second being worth considerably less than the first.

Worthy pays for shipping and insurance on your piece and will return it if you don’t like the price they expect (or get) at auction, as long as you set a minimum price. And the site appears to be responsive to consumer complaints, resolving almost all of those posted with the BBB.

Our advice: Check with a few local jewelers before sending an item to Worthy. Many provide a nearly identical service at roughly the same cost. Amazon is also a good place to sell expensive jewelry.

What their users say: (From the Better Business Bureau)

I was also asked to sign an agreement saying that I absolved them of all damages due to them taking the jewelry apart (which was mandatory as they really just sell the stones and not the intact jewelry). They assured me that they would take great care. First, the valuations came out much lower than what was given by phone. When they went to ‘auction’, I was expected to sell the pieces for literally pennies on the dollar, and give them a 20% commission for doing so. I demurred and they sent the jewelry back. When I received it back, one diamond ring had a substantially altered stone, which now has a large chip out of the top . Among the pieces was a high end necklace of tanzanite and diamonds. The ‘chain’ was a series of basket set tanzanite stones, set in white gold and accented with diamonds. The ‘chain’ was 24″ long. When I got it back, the ‘chain’ was now only 20″ long. The salesperson had remarked that the piece was beautiful and I said something about the chain being a series of gemstones and not just a chain and, because it was so long, I had thought of taking some out of the length and making a bracelet with it. I should have shut my mouth as apparently that is what they did. What I received back was not what I sent in. I now cannot sell the diamond ring. Be very wary and take pictures before you send your jewelry in. 

Sending them my ring was a true leap of faith. They exceeded my expectations! I had been offered a certain amount by a local jeweler, and when my auction was over, the final price was slightly less than that. I asked Worthy to please send the ring back. The next day, they called me to say they had gone back to the winning bidder and asked them to match the local jeweler’s price, which the bidder did. I really wish I had know about them in the beginning and didn’t have to feel that sending them my ring was a ‘leap of faith’. Everyone at Worthy was helpful and, even more importantly, kind during a time when women find themselves very vulnerable and afraid. I would highly recommend Worthy!

I am absolutely horrified that the BBB can give this company an A+ rating. The only reason I trusted them was the BBB rating which I regret. I recently sent a piece of jewelry to them with the intention of selling it. They provided an initial estimate of the value at $9,862 which agreed with my appraisal and grading paperwork. They requested permission to unmount the stone in order to obtain a GIA grading certificate which I granted. After several days I received an email “Upon our arrival inspection, our gemologists found that this stone has a cavity (a tiny hole) on the surface.” which is not true and even their paperwork does not say it. They then proceeded to send my ring to International Gemological Information NOT GIA as they had said when I agreed to send my ring. A couple days later they came back with a value of the ring at $1,300. I had to demand the return of the ring several times over the next few days before they actually acknowledged that it would be returned. I gave them specific instructions not to ship the ring unless it was insured for $9,862 and I even offered to pay for the insurance if they refused. They sent several emails assuring me the ring would be insured for $9,862. I requested a copy of the insurance certificate before it was sent but they did not provide one. Thankfully the ring did arrive safely and appears to be OK but included in the package was a packing list that indicated an insured value of $1,685 although they never did prove that it was insured at all.

I would avoid Worthy. I was enticed to spend my time and send them a wedding set for auction based on their recent online response valuing the main diamond in the set in a certain range (and not even considering the 18k gold bands and channel diamonds in the setting). The GIA certificate Worthy obtained and my original GIA certificate from 20 years ago were consistent. Then, when it was time to put the set up for bid today, Worthy’s sales associate recommended a sale price that was significantly less than their original estimate two months ago. From this, I get a very strong impression that they are just into selling the jewelry to their list of retail clients irregardless of what the merchandise is truly worth 

I would recommend Worthy Inc. for anyone wanting to sell nice jewelry. This company took care of everything…with permission from me, they unmounted it, professionally cleaned it, professionally photographed it, and submitted it to auction. They grade the diamond before the auction also. I got more money than what I anticipated.

Wow! This was the best auction experience I’ve ever had. I put my rings in a box, put the ***** label on and dropped it in a box. They kept me up to date on what was going on and asked me questions along the way to make sure that I understood what was going on. If ever I find myself in need of selling anymore jewelry, I will use Worthy.

I worked with Worthy about two weeks ago to sell my wedding and engagement rings from a previous marriage. The experience was very easy and stress free. Worthy handled everything for me and gave me a minimum even though my ring didn’t sell for as much as I had hoped for. I really loved doing business with them. They were courteous and professional and really top notch!!

This company is s huge rip off. They valued my ring that my husband paid almost 10k for only 10 years ago. They offer 225.00. I am not the only one with this experience. They have no **** diwn commenting on the site as well as removing the negative comments to trick more customers. This is on the line of a scam even. But not a company to waste your time to try to sell your ring. Plus the turn around time is more like 2 weeks and I aspect my diamonds may have been taken out and I gave my ring being looked at now. Do not use this company!!!!!

Response from Worthy: 

Worthy is an online auction marketplace putting together sellers with a professional community of buyers. Our mission is to provide every seller with the real accurate facts on their diamond so they know exactly what they have and get the best price possible for their item. In the case for this client who wrote to BBB, the client submitted her assumptions which calculated an initial market value estimate based on a single center stone of 1.5 ct wt. Worthy works with *** and *** industry Experts and provides every seller with a complimentary diamond ring Grading Report. In the case with this client, the *** Diamond Grading Report identified multiple individual stones, each being between 0 .39 – 0.42 rather than a single stone with a 1.50 ct wt. In sharing the actual Grading Report with the client, she was surprised and expressed disappointment in what she had, as the value of the ring changed from being a significant center stone to a estimate now based on multiple smaller melee stones. Getting the actual facts is sometimes hard to hear and accept, and we understand that, and per our policy, we shipped back her ring, covering all shipping and insurance costs. Plus, additionally, she now has the complimentary Grading Report to know exactly what she has.

I personally feel they do the switch and bait tactic; tell you that your ring is worth what you think it is, lure you to ship to them.. once they have the ring the service goes down hill. I have had 2 appraisals done on my ring, BOTH appraisals are same coloring grade and clarity except theirs. They valued my ring at 1/2 what they originally gave quote on because there appraisal came in different color… they may work for some people but in my opinion they are scammers and you will waste your time sending them anything

Comment from the Business: 

The customers ring was initially given a value using the Worthy Automatic Value Estimator of an Expected Value Range $15,885.94 – $19,416.15. Upon receipt of the ring in the ****** ** office, the ring was reviewed and GIA graded and confirmed as a 2.04 round I VS2 vs submitted on the platform as an H color, which is a better, higher valued color than the I color it is confirmed to be by GIA, the 3rd party grading lab and the leading grading lab in the industry for diamonds. The diamond was given a new Expected Value Range of $9,232.43 – $11,284.08 based on the GIA grading report. Per the customers request, Worthy shipped back the diamond, fully insured and covered all shipping costs. Worthy does not “switch” as this customer states, but works diligently to provide the estimated value based on the stats and in this case, knowing the true stats as per the GIA grading report, adjusted the initial estimate based on an assumption.

From Yelp:

“I’d been dragging my feet on my engagement solitaire for the past 14 years. Had it reset as a pendant but never wore it because I thought it screamed “divorcee”. Dropped insurance rider on it years ago and from time-to-time explored selling it to the “we buy diamond/gold jewelry” shops but the offers were so far below purchase price (and we went though a wholesale mart in San Francisco) that I knew I was not being offered fair value. Saw Worthy’s ad and was skeptical but did my homework (Dec ’17 NYT article upped my confidence, as did an offer from another company mentioned in the same article). The GSA appraisal obtained by Worthy matched exactly the GSA appraisal from when the stone was purchased in 1990. I also reached out to another online firm so had their high end bid as a data point. My Worthy auction grossed almost what the stone was purchased for and my post-commission net was more than $1,000 over what the other firm had offered. Was I nervous? Yes. Am I glad I went with Worthy? Absolutely!”

Ultimately, I got the cash in my account. But in the end, I ended up getting (minus their commission) THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT THE JEWELER OFFERED TO ME six years ago. So in the end, was it worth it? Probably not. Had they used MY CERTIFICATION, I have no doubt I would have gotten more

I sent Worthy my engagement ring that was purchased for $10,000.00 and appraised for almost $16,000… after they reviewed it they informed me that it was only worth $1000.00 and after the sell I would most likely be able to get maybe $500 from it… I think this site is a scam and asked for them to send my ring back to me- took three weeks and after I received it I had it re-appraised for 15750… sold it for 12500… don’t use this site to sell anything! They will NOT get you the best price, they will cheat you out of what your diamonds are really worth…. very disappointed and will inform anyone thinking of using them to not waste your time …. not worth the hassle…. very sad..

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