What: Studies and focus groups

Expected pay: $50 to $250 per one-to-two hour study for consumers; $100 – $400 for medical professionals

Husl $core: $$$

Where: Michigan residents only


If you are a medical professional — doctor, nurse, lab tech, etc — looking for a little side cash and happen to be in Michigan, it may be worthwhile to sign up. The company, recognizing that you might have privacy concerns will even will let you call rather than fill out the online form. The same courtesy is not extended to ordinary consumers, however. If you aren’t part of the medical community, you’ll be asked to give up tons of personal information with a promise that they’ll call you if they need you. 

That said, Shifrin-Hayworth pays better than most survey companies and offers reasonable focus group pay too. Other sites to consider: FindFocusGroupsSignUp Direct and Consumer Opinion Services.

What their participants say:

If you have ever participated in one of this company’s surveys or focus groups, please hit “contact us” and tell us about it.

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