What: Join focus groups

Expected pay: $75 or more for one to two hours

Husl$core: $$$


Atlanta; Boston; Chicago (Downtown, Flex, O’Hare and Schaumberg); Dallas; Denver; Fort Lee, NJ; Los Angeles; Orange County, CA; Minneapolis; Phoenix; San Francisco, Seattle (Downtown and Kirkland)

Requirements: Vary based on the type of focus group


If you get chosen for a focus group, you can earn pretty decent pay for giving your opinions. But, you are not going to be called for focus groups every day — not even every month. And you give up a lot of privacy to qualify. Field Work maintains that it does not share your personal data with anyone, but once you’ve typed it into a database, it’s in a database. Don’t lose your sense of skepticism. That said, if you don’t care how much the world knows about you — after all, if you’re on social media, everything from your movie and book preferences to your friends and political leanings are in a database somewhere — this isn’t a bad occasional side gig. You can find similar opportunities at FindFocusGroups; Shifrin-Hayworth, SignUp Direct and Consumer Opinion Services.


What their focus groupies say:

We are seeking comments from people who have participated in Field Work’s focus groups. Our research tells us that you wouldn’t want to be a Field Work office worker. But, whether the focus group participants have had similarly unpleasant experiences is unclear. If you have participated in a focus group with this company, please hit “contact us” and let us know how it went. 

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