WAHVE, a.k.a. Work At Home Vintage Experts, connects seasoned pros in insurance, accounting and HR with companies needing flexible help

Expected pay: Varies by job and experience

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: National

Requirements: Extensive experience; pass an interview and screening

WAHVE Review:

WAHVE, which stands for “Work at Home Vintage Experts,” finds jobs in the insurance, accounting and human resources fields. The site is looking for people in their 50s and 60s, who want flexible schedules. WAHVE is primarily interested in people with contemporary experience, who won’t mind taking a pay cut for additional flexibility.

Seasoned experts

Applicants are interviewed and added to a pool of ready workers where they can be matched with jobs as they come up. WAHVE’s corporate clients employ these workers for part-time and temporary positions that the worker completes from home.

WAHVE acts as a go-between, providing equipment to workers where required. This arrangement presumably allows the site to take a cut of worker wages. However, the precise percentage or formula is not disclosed.

Full-time, no benefits

Though some jobs are clearly full-time, the positions do not come with benefits. You are also likely to earn considerably less than you would at a similar job where you are formally employed. This is the main complaint in worker reviews — lower pay; no benefits. However, workers appear enthusiastic about the job flexibility.


If you are looking for a way to phase into retirement and work in the relevant fields, WAHVE may be worth a try.

Other sites where you can find flexible, professional work include, FlexProfessionals and FreeUp.

What their users say:

(from Indeed):

Everyone who was involved in my employment at WAHVE from signup to placement, onboarding and training, was wonderful – professional, helpful, encouraging, knowledgeable, delightful to work with. At age 74 I have found the best job of my life. It could not be more perfect. It’s amazing to work for someone who does business the way I did when I owned an insurance agency and has the same outlook on things. It is a professional, principled agency who does the best for their customers. Everyone I work with is terrific and they constantly express their appreciation for my help.

Low pay

Professional and friendly company offering the opportunity to work remote with part and full time long and short term contracts. Great for those looking for part time hours. The biggest negative is low pay, 1099 and no benefits for full time work.

A word to the wise- know your financial requirements before agreeing to contract terms, as you are your best advocate. My experience is that there is no support in this area.

Assignments could be short or longterm. My shortest was 6 months, longest was two years. Clients have always been very nice to work for and eager to appreciate. Pay has been great. New assignments are always coming in.

Stress free

After working in a stressful office atmosphere I found WAHVE and was able to utilize my experience and knowledge in a completely stress-free environment. I no longer need to commute and find the freedom of working at home wonderful. While my current position is considered full-time I’m able to work only as many hours as necessary to complete my tasks. My WAHVE teammates are completely supportive and helpful and the WAHVE leadership checks in with me on a regular basis to make sure all is good. But there are no benefits. And the salary is considerably less than what I’m used to.

No stability, health care

I love my work at WAHVE. I make my own hours and I can work anywhere where there’s an internet connection. My expert skills are put to use daily which is great. But the lack of benefits is a negative. I get health care through my husband.

You do not know when your next assignment will start so there is no stability. The pay is not that much and there are no benefits.

I can start work early from my home and do not have to drive anywhere. If the assignment is out of state, like NY, I can start at 6 am my time and stop work at 2:00.

*Updated 1/16/2023


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