CafeTemps connects restaurant owners and managers with bartenders, servers, cooks, bussers and other part-time workers in the food service industry

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: 12% paid by employers

Where: Select U.S. cities

Requirements: 16 or older; able to enter into a legal contract

CafeTemps review:

CafeTemps aims to connect restaurant staff with food service jobs. However, unlike many other companies operating in this space, CafeTemps wants workers to direct the terms.

How it works

Workers set up profiles on the site, stating their experience, work geography and how much they expect to be paid. Companies that hire from the site must pay the worker’s rate, plus a 12% site fee for the connection.

Workers pay no fees to sign up and no commissions on their wages. The site brags that where other sites have big overhead costs and investors to appease, CafeTemps is run by “two guys on their laptops.”

No experience required

Notably, outside of being over the age of 16 and being able to sign a legal contract, CafeTemps has no worker requirements. You don’t need experience or to pass a background check. You determine how far you’re willing to travel for work. And what you emphasize in your portfolio is completely up to you.


We also found no red flags in CafeTemps rules. Indeed, the rules for workers boil down to “have a good attitude and pitch in.” The site reminds workers that they’re being enlisted to fill urgent staffing needs and may be getting paid more than similarly situated regular employees. So, if they need you to help in an area that’s not your specialty, give it a shot.

On the employer side, the site requires that employers “communicate honestly,” treat workers fairly and maintain insurance coverage.

The catch?

However, we also see little indication that many servers, cooks, waiters and bartenders are finding work through the site. Clicking through more than a dozen worker profiles, we found none with employer reviews.

That said, CafeTemps launched in early 2022. That makes it a relative infant among gig platforms. So, it could be that the site just needs some time to get established.


We see no downside to registering here. The site’s rules and mission are delightful and we truly hope this site is successful. But, if you’re looking for work, you would be wise to register with better established platforms as well.

Other sites where you can find work in food service include Qwick, Jitjatjo, Wonolo, and BlueCrew.

Updated 2/24/2023

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