ClickASnap is a site to show off high-end photography that pays photographers a small amount each time someone views one of their photos

Expected pay: negligible

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: 0- 6 Euros per month

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: None listed

ClickASnap Review:

ClickASnap is gets billed as a way to monetize photo views. But it does a poor job of that. It’s really just a site to show off high-end photography without going through the time and expense of launching your own website. That has value. But, in our opinion, not enough value to pay a monthly fee.

How it works

To clarify, the site has three parts: It promises to pay photographers a small amount each time someone views one of their photos. It has a print-on-demand operation that can help photographers sell their art. And it offers photographers a place to upload and show-off their work.

If your goal is to show off your photography, without having to create your own website, it does a good job. The site gets more than a million page views a month, according to SimilarWeb. Presumably, that can help you establish a reputation as a photographer.

But, if you’re hoping to make money on its print-on-demand operation or photo views, you can do better elsewhere.

Three plans

The site has three plans — a free plan that will allow you to post up to 100 photos; a basic seller plan for about 3 Euros a month; and a pro plan for roughly 6 Euros a month.

The site no longer pays for views when you have just the free plan. If you want to get paid for views, you need one of the site’s paid plans. But don’t expect to get paid much for photo views. Each view is likely to pay less than a half-cent — and that’s if you get paid at all.

What’s a paid view?

You don’t get paid for views that last for less than 5 seconds, or for views that the site deems to be fraudulent. What’s a fraudulent view? Views that are the result of you promising to view some one else’s art if they’ll view yours, so that you’ll both get paid. After taking considerable flak from photographers, who complained about the pay out rate, the site’s founders weighed in to emphasize that this is no get-rich-quick scheme.

The founders maintain ClickASnap is more a place to cheaply show off your portfolio than to make money.

Print on demand

ClickASnap also has a print-on-demand operation, so photographers who pay to use the site could potentially sell their artwork here too. However, you must have a seller or “pro-seller” account to use it. The site keeps a 4% processing fee, if you sell products here.

You get paid via PayPal once you have accumulated at least $15.00 in your account. However, if you downgrade your membership to a free plan before you cash out, you lose any accumulated earnings.


If you’re joining this site to show off your portfolio — not to make money — there’s some value here. If you’re after a way to make money, there are better choices.

You have a better chance of selling photos — and products that include your photos — on dozens of other sites. These include Alamy, Adobe Stock, FineArtAmerica and RedBubble.

Want to join ClickASnap?

Here’s a direct link to the ClickASnap site.

What their users say: (from SiteJabber)

“I have more than 840 views and so far I have not received payment. Tell me why this is not yet available?”

“I’m a studio owner, I’ve choose to subscribe with the pro seller monthly account. Paid 6 euros and uploaded 20 pictures of best what I took in the past 3 years. When you upload the pictures, you see many views and likes. Then it stopped after that. I got less than 50 total views and it was increasing 1 or 2 each couple of days. So what I’ve got after week is 12 cents. Yay! After a month I may reach 48 cents. The site is spam and not worth trying.”

“Just Loving It. You can start for free! And build it up to get paid views which really does happen. I have earned £3 pounds in a week just from views. Worth a try.”

Not worth it

“A “view”of your work is scrutinized to determine if it’s an “authentic view”. Not worth the trouble. I opened, and closed my account on the same day! Wrote an Email to customer service, which was never answered! Not fun! I’m sticking to my Pixpa website to sell my work; and just opened a Redbubble account as well. (RB is a “dream”to navigate, compared to Clickasnap.”

“The idea for such a site is good but it takes forever until you get your $15 and you can pick up your money. For each photo you get $ 0.004 so not even a full cent. Totally ridiculous. The customer service does not exist and the email with Paypal does not work either.”

Reviewed 10/27/2021


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