If you’re an artist — or simply an imaginative wordsmith — you may be able to earn money with greeting card design. These jobs involve coming up with either a compelling photograph or drawing, a compelling phrase, or a combination of the two. You then license that design to a website that makes, markets and sells your design on greeting cards.

Individual sales won’t make you rich, but a popular design might sell thousands of times, bringing in a regular stream of income. Indeed, more than 6 billion greeting cards are sold in the U.S. each year. And, while the greeting card market is contracting overall, the segment made up of expensive hand-made cards is growing, according to the Greeting Card Association. Here are the two best sites to sell greeting cards.


Zazzle allows you to upload your art and make it available on everything from greeting cards to tote bags. Artists who work with the platform say one of the reasons Zazzle stands out for greeting card designers is the site is one of the few that allows customers to personalize your design. That can boost sales for things like wedding announcements, bridal and baby showers and other events that cry out for personal details.  Read out full Zazzle review here.


Society6 is another well-regarded print-on-demand operation that allows you to upload art that can be used to illustrate everything from greeting cards to phone cases. It operates much like the other three, but Society6 sets the royalty rate for you generally at 10% of the sales price. Read our Society6 review here.

Or you can offer designs on Society6 by registering here.

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