Millions of Americans start the New Year resolving to do things better. Most commonly, they aim to get physically and financially fit, travel more, and spend more time reading or engaged in their favorite hobbies. But keeping resolutions is hard. So hard, in fact, that many people give up by February. So the editors at thought we’d help by looking for side hustles that help you keep New Year’s resolutions.

To be sure, almost any decent side hustle will help you get financially fit. And, if that’s all you want, you can simply take our Quiz to find a side hustle to suit you.

But, if you are aiming for more than just money — maybe improving both your finances and your fitness — why not accomplish two goals at the same time? We looked for a list of hustles that both pay well and check another box on the resolution list.

With that, here are hustles that help you keep New Year’s Resolutions, divided by the resolutions they help with.

Financially & Physically Fit

Losing weight and saving more are perennial list-toppers among Americans’ New Year’s Resolutions. Luckily, there are several well-paid side hustles that require at least a modicum of exercise.


Love golf, surfing or pickelball? You can try your hand as a coach and earn money while you exercise. A site called TeachMeTo allows people who are great at these sports to sign up, create a profile and set their own rates to teach these popular pastimes to others.

Surfing, golf and pickelball aren’t your sports? Athletes Untapped and CoachUp connect coaches in soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball and many other sports with athletes needing help. Coaches say they typically earn between $20 and $50 per hour, depending on the location, sport and level.

Dog Walking

A great way to start your cardio fitness plan is to simply walk. And, as long as you’re walking, why not take somebody’s dog along and get paid while you’re doing it? There are two sites that can help you find dog-walking gigs — Rover and Wag. Rover is the better of the two, giving dog walkers (and pet sitters) the ability to set their own rates and availability. This site allows you to offer other services — from boarding to baths — as well. Dog walkers typically charge between $20 and $25 per half-hour. Boarding charges range from $25 to $100 per night.

Travel and Entertainment hustles

Want to get out more? You might try offering tours through Viator or ToursByLocals. Both sites allow freelance tour guides to come up with tour ideas that they publish on the site. You determine the agenda, schedule and price, paying the sites a commission for marketing and collection.

Your tours can involve anything that interests you. So, you could tour the city’s best modern art museums; do foodie tours. Or, if you want to roll three resolutions into one, you can make it a walking or bike tour. That way you’ll earn money, see sights and get good exercise all at the same time.

Profit from reading

Your resolution was to read more — either to learn new things or to simply appreciate literature? You can get paid to read, if you’re willing to point out errors or write reviews.

The U.S. Review of Books pays freelancers to review self-published books. Reviews generally run 250 to 300 words and pay $25. Longer reviews of 500-600 words pay more — up to $75.

The site receives about a dozen review applications each day, says senior editor Christopher Klim. “An applicant’s first review is essentially the interview,” he adds. Applicants are paid for that review, regardless of whether or not they’re hired, he says.

If you’re a skilled proofreader or editor, you may also want to apply with PenguinFreelancers and Reedsy.

Both sites enlist freelance editors to proofread and edit both fiction and non-fiction novels. Freelancers are paid at rates ranging from $25 – $35 per hour.


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