Makers of fine art most likely have space in a gallery — or a website — where consumers can buy original pieces.

However, you can also turn to online galleries to sell or rent out your art to collectors and corporations. Here are a few good options for makers of fine art.


SaatchiArt is an international art dealer that invites artists to sell originals through the site. The art can consist of paintings, photographs, sculpture, mixed media — pretty much anything. You price your art and upload photos of it. The site helps market it through its website, social media, featured stories, and advertisements. When an item sells, you pack it up for shipping and Saatchi will send a courier to pick it up. The buyer pays for shipping. You pay a 35% commission. Learn more about Saatchi here.

Turning Art

TurningArt works with corporate clients that want to rent or buy artwork to adorn the walls of their office buildings. The site has a wide variety of ways artists can make money, ranging from selling original paintings or photographs to “leasing” your art for temporary use. Learn more about TurningArt here.

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