Saatchi Art is a global online art gallery that enlists artists to upload photos of their original works to share with the site’s curators and patrons

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: 35%

Where: Nationwide/worldwide

Requirements: over 18; photo ID

What is SaatchiArt?

SaatchiArt is an international art dealer that invites artists to sell originals through the site. The art can consist of paintings, photographs, sculpture, mixed media — pretty much anything.

How it works

You price your art and upload photos of it. The site helps market it through the website, social media, featured stories, and advertisements.

When an item sells, you pack it up for shipping and Saatchi will send a courier to pick it up. The buyer pays for shipping. You simply pay a 35% commission to Saatchi on each sale.

SaatchiArt review:

The site will also create prints of your artworks for sale. With this service, Saatchi offers a tool that you can use to see how much of the sale price you’ll receive in profit. You don’t need to do anything other than upload the appropriately-sized photo file. They’ll produce the print, pack and send it.

However, artists maintain that the way Saatchi presents art on its site makes these prints easy to steal. Once stollen, it’s impossible to pull your art back or make a reasonable return selling these prints. Carefully consider whether you want to use this service.


In addition, this site represents a lot of artists. If you don’t want to get lost in the shuffle, you should carefully read through the site’s Artist’s Handbook. And make sure that you follow all of the instructions carefully. This can help you get notice from the site’s curators, and potentially have a better chance at selling your art.


SaatchiArt is good for those who want to sell original works. You can find the site here.

However, some other sites may be a better idea for those who want a site to produce and sell prints of their originals. Some other sites that can sell your prints: TurningArt, FineArtAmerica and RedBubble.

What their users say (from YouTube)

Artist warning about SaatchiArt

Another artist warning about paintings being stolen likely from Saatchi

7 Problems with selling on SaatchiArt

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