Does your beauty business involve social media followers? If so, there are several options for beauty influencers to make money. 

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Koji is a software tool that you can download and use to make money by selling digital products — your photos; personalized videos, etc. — on sites like Instagram and Facebook. The site takes a 15% commission from your payment on most products, but has a sliding scale for charity videos and some other items, such as tickets to live events. Read our Koji review here.

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Open Influence

Open Influence also connects influencers with major brands. However, the site expects influencers to have a larger following than Heartbeat. Generally speaking, you’ll need at least 10,000 followers on some social media site to draw a campaign. But if you do get a campaign, they can pay generously — from a few hundred dollars per post to $50,000. Learn more about Open Influence.

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