Got more space than you need? You can rent storage space to other people who have more stuff than room to store it.

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Rent storage space

Renting out unused storage space is a low-maintenance side hustle that’s surprisingly lucrative. And all you need for this side hustle is an empty garage, shed, attic, closet or room. These sites can help:


Neighbor encourages anyone with an empty garage, storage shed, driveway, parking space or attic to sign up to rent it out. Rental rates are set by the host. But the site encourages hosts to set their rates at about half the cost of renting similar space from a professional storage facility. Learn more about Neighbor here.

Or click here to list your space with Neighbor


Stache works almost the same as Neighbor, allowing hosts to list and price their space. It also charges a small commission to both hosts and renters. However, Stache automatically covers hosts with a commercial liability policy, which protects hosts from some risks.

Learn more about Stache here.

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