What: Voxpopme pays consumers to answer survey questions and record short videos

Expected pay: about $1 per video

Husl$core: $

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: US, UK, Australia and New Zealand

Requirements: 16 or older


Voxpopme is a consumer research company that encourages people to sign up and record video responses to questions in exchange for a payment of $1 or less. You can also earn $1 for referring friends.

You get paid via PayPal after you’ve built up at least $15 in your account. If you don’t earn at least the $15 over the course of a year, the site can wipe out whatever earnings you did accumulate in your account.

Like other consumer survey companies, these surveys are easy and quick to complete. But you don’t earn much for your time. Assuming it takes you 10 minutes to read the question; record your answer and upload the file, you’re earning somewhere under $6 an hour.

Some of the site’s users complain they’ve had difficulty uploading completed videos. And, naturally, anything that requires additional time or effort reduces the hourly pay even further.

However, what caused this company to earn our lowest possible Husl$core are the terms that give the company the right to seize your pay after a set time frame. 


There are dozens of sites that allow you to earn small amounts talking surveys. Better options include ProductTube, which pays $5 to $35 per video; Consumer Opinion Services, Swagbucks and Survey Junkie, which pay small amounts for taking written surveys on your phone, but don’t confiscate your earnings.

What their users say (from Google Play)

It’s a legitimate app to earn a few bucks on the side, in one week I can earn anywhere from $1-$15 depending on how many surveys are available and if you catch them at the right time because some surveys will expire. App can be a little glitchy in uploading the videos but overall works and I haven’t had an issue with getting my answers approved or money transfer

I was able to post three video responses in two weeks for a total of $1.50 or $.75 per week. You can’t cash out until you reach $15 so…what are you supposed to do? They bombard you with surveys that don’t pay. Seems to be a good app but doesn’t provide enough video questions to make it worth the space on your phone. I’m deleting.

I haven’t had pay out requested yet it does suck that you have to do at least $15 Worth to be paid out I feel like it should be less like $10 or $5 would be a lot better. It’s hard to rack up that $15 but hopefully payouts will be quick and easy.