What: is a marketplace for people wanting to participate in focus groups

Expected pay: $50 to $250

Husl $core: $$$$

Consumer Opinion Services

What: Complete surveys; participate in focus groups

Expected pay: $1 to $75 per hour

Husl $core: $$$


What: Studies and focus groups

Expected pay: $50 to $250 per one-to-two hour study for consumers; $100 - $400 for medical professionals

Husl $core: $$$

Field Work

What: Join focus groups

Expected pay: $75 or more for one to two hours

Husl$core: $$$


What: participate in mock trials and surveys

Expected pay: $12 per hour

Husl $core: $$$

What: Answer surveys; participate in focus groups and clinical trials

Expected pay: $2 to $250 per survey/focus group

Husl $core: $$

20/20 Research

What: Take surveys and participate in focus groups

Expected pay: $1 to $150

Husl $core: $$

Survey Junkie

What: Survey Junkie promises to pay you to take surveys, but the pay is pennies per survey, which makes it virtually impossible to make minimum wage

Expected pay: $2 - $3 per hour

Husl $core: $$

Pinecone Research

What: complete surveys

Expected compensation: $3 per survey (15-20 minutes each)

Husl $core: $

Fusion Cash

What: Survey site

Expected pay: nominal

Husl $core: $


What: Complete surveys or watch videos for pay

Expected pay: 1 cent to $2 per survey -- about $1 an hour

Husl$core: $$


What: Earn money taking surveys and reading advertisements

Expected pay: Nominal

Husl$core: $


What: UserTesting enlists freelancers to review new websites and mobile apps for a payment of $10 per test
Expected pay: $10 per 20-minute test
Husl$core: $$$



What: Ivueit matches freelancers with property managers that want photos and information about their commercial units

Expected pay: $5 - $32 per project
Husl$core: $$$$


What: Voxpopme pays consumers to answer survey questions and record short videos

Expected pay: nominal
Husl$core: $

Product Tube

Product Tube

What: Product Tube is a market research site that pays freelancers $5 to $35 for doing two-to four-minute product reviews on video

Expected pay: $5-$35 per video
Husl$core: $$$


What: PaidViewpoint pays you to take surveys, providing small payments even for accurately filling in your name and age.

Expected pay: pennies per answer
Husl$core: $


What: Spare5 connects side hustlers with "micro-tasks" that pay a few pennies each.

Expected pay: $0.01 to .50 cents per task
HuslScore: $

Uber & Lyft: Sweeping changes for drivers and customers


What: Perksy pays a negligible amount to complete "gamified" surveys via cell phone

Expected pay: pennies
Husl$core: $

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