MyPoints enlists consumers to take surveys, read advertisements and get cash back on purchases

Expected pay: negligible

Husl$core: $

Commissions & fees: NA

Where:Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: Over age 13; smart phone

What is MyPoints?

MyPoints is an online shopping site that offers cash back and rewards for shopping through them and doing specific things, such as giving to charity or buying specific items.

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My Points is brought to you by the same marketing company as Swagbucks.  But this site appears to be more about getting points back for shopping than it is about earning money. When it comes to taking surveys and playing games for points, you’ll earn even less here than you do with Swagbucks. And there, you earn about $1 an hour.

As a cash-back site, this one isn’t bad. But you should never buy something to get cash back for obvious reasons. If you plan to buy a particular item and they’re offering a competitive price and giving points for it, though, we see no harm.

You can sign up for MyPoints here.

Pay in gift cards

As for making money on MyPoints: You can earn gift cards on this platform even if you aren’t old enough to qualify to work at most other sites, but the points are worth a relative pittance. Even if you’re too young to qualify for a work permit, there are better options.


For instance, you can babysit through Bambino, which allows you to sign up at age 13 with parental permission or you can make and sell crafts on Etsy. You may also want to check out our blog post on Jobs for Teenagers.

If your age is not the problem and you’re simply looking for something low-maintenance to do at home, consider filling out surveys and doing market research at somewhat higher-paying competitors: FindFocusGroups or Field Work. If you love rendering your opinions, you can also make money as a Mock Juror.

Looking for other things you can do at home? Check out Fiverr.

What their users say (from NerdWallet)

I earned $1.01 per hour….(click for the full review)

Try MyPoints:


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