If you’re longing to spend summer days in the sunshine, but your budget says you’ve got to keep your nose to the grindstone, outdoor side hustles may be just the ticket.

There are dozens of jobs that push you out the door. From mowing lawns to becoming an “influencer, some of these positions are even lucrative. What are the options?

Be an influencer

If you are a woman who has more than 500 followers on Instagram, you may be able to make a few bucks spending your days going to cool places and taking copious photos of yourself. A smart phone app called Heartbeat connects “influencers” with brands willing to pay them to tout products.

The concept is that brands get a better bang for their buck when real people — not actors — and are legitimately enthused about telling their friends about their products. Thus, Heartbeat is going to try to match you with things you’ll like. If you have a lot of engaged followers, you might even get free products, in addition to being paid.

Technically, you don’t need a set number of followers, but the more followers you have, the more likely they are to choose you for a campaign. And, as discriminatory as it may appear, the site says it currently has no work for men, though that may change as it adds brands.

Work at events

Car shows, boat shows, bridal expos. Wherever there’s a convention center, there’s likely to be a chance to work in “experiential marketing.” That means that you’ll be manning a booth, handing out brochures, giving people directions to the restrooms or food — or wearing a placard advertising tacos. The field is pretty diverse. You can find these jobs through Wonolo and Qwick, which also help find people positions in food service, warehouses and retail.

Mow and landscape

Nothing gets you outdoors quite like a job in landscaping and there are several online platforms that can help you find that type of work. GreenPal connects homeowners in need of yard work with the contractors willing to do it. Contractors put up a profile, stating the type of lard work they are willing to do, and showing pictures of their work. The site will contact you to “bid” when a customer requests work in your geographic area. JiffyOnDemand, on the other hand, has set rates for various services. However, the lowest rates of pay would net you around $40 an hour. You can also sign up at JiffyOnDemand if you do other physical trades, such as electrical, plumbing or cleaning.

Guide tours

If you’re an extrovert with an intimate knowledge of your city, you can sign up to be a local tour guide, trundling tourists to sites of interest near you. Several sites — ToursbyLocals and Viator — allow freelancers to design and market their own tours. Walking, biking, hiking, driving — it’s all up to you. You decide the itinerary, the price, the schedule and the capacity of each tour. The sites book tourists, taking a commission for each booking. There’s no guarantee that your trips will book up, of course. But, if you live near a tourist destination and create an attractive itinerary, the odds are in your favor. And it’s a great way to have fun while making money.

Tap into seasonal jobs

If you’re a student, teacher, retiree — or anyone who doesn’t mind taking a few months away — you can also sign up for seasonal work through CoolWorks, SeasonWorkers and XanterraJobs. These sites connect workers with resorts and restaurants in both the U.S. and overseas. Jobs typically pay a little better than minimum wage, but most come with perks including discounted housing, food and activities.

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