What: Replacements.com is a site that offers to buy your used china, crystal, tableware and collectibles for resale to other people needing to complete a set

Commissions/fees: Not applicable

Husl $core: $$

Where: National


Like many sites that offer to buy your second-hand goods for resale, Replacements.com gets good reviews from buyers and rotten reviews from sellers. They don’t charge a commission to resell your stuff, but they also don’t make any guarantees about how much they’ll pay. And a number of sellers maintain that once they sent in their china, crystal or flatware, Replacements.com found “flaws” that drastically reduced the site’s offer.

You’re probably better off selling on Craigs List, eBay or Etsy. At least then you’ll have some certainty about what you’ll get from the sale.

What their sellers say: 

“I see that Replacements is currently selling the dinner plate in my china pattern for $26. However, they are only willing to offer me $6.00. The same goes for other pieces in my set. Cheap to me, reap for them. Not gonna do it. Woudn’t be prudent.”

“In my estimation, this company is not one that I would deal with. If they have what you want, and you’re willing to pay for it, then it works. If you want to sell, they offer a tenth of what they charge. Apparently, if it is in THEIR hands it’s priceless, if it’s in YOUR hands, it’s worthless. eBay is a much better bet!” 

I just got burned by them, Wish I’d read reviews first. Color me STUPID. “

“I received an offer to purchase from Replacements for a specific pattern of china for approximately $150. I packed & shipped it as they recommend via USPS. They sent me a email stating they were paying me $17.50 + submitting a claim to the USPS for shipping damages in the amount of $28.10. How does this go from $150.00 to $17.50?? They said I incorrectly identified the pattern so that was why I received so much less. My question to Replacements is if the pattern was incorrectly identified, I believe it was their responsibility to notify me immediately upon receiving my shipment of the error.I will never do business with them again nor would I encourage anyone else to do so either.”

“Absolutely the worst place to sell your antique pieces.You have to research the Pattern, and guess what each piece is called. Then pay for the shipping across the country, only to find out they are “not buying” that pattern or piece. Or better yet , your perfect condition china is mysteriously chipped or broken. And that means $0 money for what YOU payed for to send, and are NOT getting any money to reimburse you for shipping or the items that are antique. So sure buy from them, but dont sellto them. UNLESS YOU ARE OK WITH SPENDING MONEY AND GETTING NOTHING IN RETURN, NOT EVEN YOUR ITEM BACK!”

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