Chanel. Hermes. Prada. If your closet holds more labels than a luxury retailer, you may have a passion for fashion. And side hustles for fashionistas can help pay for your expensive taste.

Here are six perfect side hustles for fashionistas like you.

Resell on Poshmark or eBay

One of the most lucrative side hustles for those who love fashion is to sell items that you’ve tired of on websites like Poshmark. Poshmark is a reselling platform that has a social network approach and feel. You can create a listing for an item you wish to sell by taking a photo and then uploading it with a description that accurately describes it. After you’ve created your listing, shoppers can make you an offer on that item — or make your “closet’ a favorite that they go back to time and again.

eBay is also a good choice for people with particularly expensive or rare items. That’s simply because eBay is one of the largest selling sites in the world, drawing millions of visitors every day. That broad reach can help you find sophisticated buyers willing to pay up for your limited edition handbags and designer dresses.

Of course, neither of these sales platforms demand exclusivity. And listing fees are insignificant. So you can list your item on both sites to see which brings the best offers.

Don’t forget to take good photos and write your descriptions as accurately as possible. If you describe items incompletely or inaccurately, you risk returns and bad buyer reviews. And no one wants that.

Upload receipts

Several market research sites, including ReceiptHog, ReceiptPal and Fetch Rewards will pay you to share receipts from your purchases. The pay isn’t anything to brag about — usually only a few bucks a month. But the effort is minimal and the rewards are higher for people who shop a lot. And, there’s nothing stopping you from uploading the same receipts with all three market research sites.

Create an Etsy store

Fashionistas who are more into vintage styles — or your own designs — should consider opening a store on Etsy. Etsy is an online marketplace that allows people to sell homemade and vintage goods, including clothing, shoes, jewelry and purses. A majority of those who shop on Etsy are looking for one-of-a-kind products and gifts.

You can sell designs that you picked up through thrifting here. Or you can make the items yourself and sell them directly to consumers.  Like eBay, Etsy draws millions of visitors every month. It also has a well-oiled marketing program that identifies buyers who are interested in products like yours.

Etsy’s base selling fees are modest — a 20 cent listing fee, plus a 6.5% commission on sales. But if your store is featured in the site’s advertising, you’ll pay a boosted commission. This added commission can push Etsy’s selling costs into the 20% range. However, you also set your own pricing here. So, factor those fees into your costs and price your wares accordingly.

Check out Creatively

If you’re more than a fashion fan — you’re a designer in your own right — check out Creatively. This site, created by fashion designer Stacey Bendet, isn’t just to find side hustles for fashionistas. It connects creatives of all stripes with full and part-time work.

Some positions recently listed on the site include a senior women’s wear designer, earning $100,000 – $150,000 annually; a developer of GenZ demin designs; and a senior design position with Fabletics.

In addition to the site’s job board, designers and artists are invited to post portfolios on the site. The site hosts rolling contests, encouraging visitors to vote for their favorite artists in categories ranging from writing to photography, graphic arts to fashion.

Design fabrics

Another great option for people who want to create their own fashion is a site called Spoonflower. This site invites artists to create and upload their own repeating pattern fabric designs. These fabrics can then be used in everything from clothing to upholstery.

Spoonflower is a print-on-demand site. So designers are not asked to do anything other than create images and choose the type of fabric that these images can decorate. However, to ensure that your design will print properly on the fabrics you prefer, the site requires designers to order swatches before it will make that pattern available for sale. The swatches are inexpensive, so we see this as a reasonable quality-control precaution.

Once you’ve gotten your designs approved, your work is done. You simply earn a 10% (or more, depending on sales volume) royalty every time someone buys a fabric decorated with your designs. While fabric is Spoonflower’s main trade, the site also offers wallpaper.

Become a personal shopper

You like buying designer goods, not making them? Consider working as a personal shopper.

A personal shopper helps clients find their own personal style and clothing that fits the image they’d like to project to the world. Personal shoppers can work with actors and influencers getting ready for photo shoots — or with anyone who simply wants to find clothing that flatters their form and skin tone.

As a personal shopper, it’s important to know what styles and brands are relevant, as well as places to shop that can fit your client’s budget. And if you’re good at finding quality pieces at bargain prices, you can easily justify your hourly rates.

Personal shoppers are most commonly found in higher-end stores such as Nordstrom or through subscription boxes like Stitch Fix. But you can also operate on your own. Sites like Nextdoor and Dumpling can help you advertise your availability to shop for others.

Notably, though, many retailers offer employee discounts. So, if there’s a brand that you can’t get enough of, working part-time for that retailer can get you bargain-priced products. And that’s a real bonus for a fashionista like you.


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