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  • Play and review games

    Play and review games

    Love to play games — and think you might be able to make them better with your feedback?

  • Be a star

    Be a star

    You want to be a star? While breaking into acting is difficult, the explosion of new steaming services has created more opportunity than ever.

  • Teach Acting

    Teach Acting

    Actor who needs a day job? One option that keeps you engaged in the field while earning enough to live on is to teach acting.

  • Rent a RV

    Rent a RV

    Have an RV your willing to rent? Or, just want to rent an RV? There are several peer-to-peer  sites that can help

  • Sell jewelry

    Sell jewelry

    Looking to sell jewelry? If you’ve got a local jeweler you trust, that’s the best place to start. However, these two online platforms also buy jewelry and gems

  • Music and dance

    Music and dance

    Want to make money with music and dance? Choose your course — dance in productions; play or compose for pay; or teach either topic.

  • Find dancing gigs

    Find dancing gigs

    It can be tough to find dancing gigs, particularly if you don’t live in a big city that has plenty of theatrical choices. But these sites can help

  • Play and compose music

    Play and compose music

    There are a handful of online platforms that will pay you to play and compose music — or connect you with customers who will. Here are two of the best. (This post may contain affiliate links. You can read our full affiliate policy here.) Songfinch Songfinch connects songwriters with people who want to commemorate a…

  • Sell clothes, shoes, purses

    Sell clothes, shoes, purses

    People who want to sell clothes, shoes, purses and other fashion items have a variety of choices, including old standards like eBay and Amazon. Here’s the best option.

  • Rent a swimming pool

    Rent a swimming pool

    Are your neighbors sweltering while you enjoy a refreshing dip? One site proposes to rent swimming pools, giving owners cash for sharing their pools.