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  • Rent a parking space

    Rent a parking space

    If you have a driveway or garage in a hard-to-park area, you may be able to rent a parking space in your driveway or garage by the hour, day or month.

  • Sell books and toys

    Sell books and toys

    You normally wouldn’t want to spend a ton of time trying to sell books and toys because they’re generally cheap. But there are exceptions.

  • Rent storage space

    Rent storage space

    You can rent storage space to people who need it. All you need for this side hustle is an empty garage, shed, attic or room.

  • Rent a swimming pool

    Rent a swimming pool

    Are your neighbors sweltering while you enjoy a refreshing dip? One site proposes to rent swimming pools, giving owners cash for sharing their pools.

  • Rent your yard

    Rent your yard

    Got a fenced yard? You can rent your yard to dog owners, who are looking for a private dog park.

  • Rent houses or rooms

    Rent houses or rooms

    There are dozens of ways to rent houses or rooms. You can rent nightly to travelers; find a long-term roommate; or rent your space by the hour for events.

  • Flexible accounting jobs

    Flexible accounting jobs

    It used to be tough to find accounting jobs that didn’t require a full-time commitment. That’s changed. Online platforms now offer many flexible accounting jobs.

  • Rent out anything

    Rent out anything

    Got stuff? You can rent out anything in today’s world. And, sometimes that means you can earn big money on an old investment.

  • Communication jobs

    Communication jobs

    Are you a professional wordsmith looking for communication jobs, possibly in public relations or editing. These sites can help.

  • Consulting work

    Consulting work

    Consulting work delivers excellent hourly wages, but is sporadic by nature. Freelancers, who want regular work, are well-advised to sign up with multiple consulting platforms