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  • Outdoor jobs

    Outdoor jobs

    There are a number of side hustle platforms that will help you find outdoor jobs ranging from dog walking to working in summer camps.

  • Voiceover or character acting

    Voiceover or character acting

    If you’re into the idea of doing voiceover or character acting, there are a few online platforms that can help. Know, however, that when we say “character acting” here, we’re not talking about people like Walton Goggins or J.K. Simmons. They are both extraordinary character actors. But we consider them stars. When we talk about character…

  • Easy side hustles

    Easy side hustles

    There are a variety of easy side hustles. But, don’t expect them to pay you like a professional.

  • Get paid to manage games

    Get paid to manage games

    Love fantasy games, like Dungeons & Dragons and Call of Cthulhu? Sign up with online gaming giant StartPlaying and you can get paid to manage games.

  • Play and compose music

    Play and compose music

    There are a handful of online platforms that will pay you to play and compose music — or connect you with customers who will. Here are two of the best. (This post may contain affiliate links. You can read our full affiliate policy here.) Songfinch Songfinch connects songwriters with people who want to commemorate a…

  • Sell clothes, shoes, purses

    Sell clothes, shoes, purses

    People who want to sell clothes, shoes, purses and other fashion items have a variety of choices, including old standards like eBay and Amazon. Here’s the best option.

  • Teach music or dance

    Teach music or dance

    A great way to make money while you wait to strike it big with your artistry is to teach music or dance.

  • Sell phones and electronics

    Sell phones and electronics

    Got a new phone? Dozens of sites would like to help you sell the old one. However, the site likely to bring you the most lucrative deal is Swappa.

  • Play Games

    Play Games

    Did you know that you can play games — for money? This isn’t betting. It’s about game testing and organizing. Fun. Creative. Smart.

  • Sell furniture and expensive items

    Sell furniture and expensive items

    When you’re selling furniture and expensive items, you want the maximum number of potential customers to see your goods.