Publicist connects experts with companies needing help with writing, public relations, marketing, art direction and videography

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: 20% paid by client, not freelancer

Where: U.S. Nationwide, Canada & Australia

Requirements: 16 or older; able to sign a legal contract; valid email address; pass a vetting process

What is Publicist?

Publicist connects clients with marketing and communication specialists, who are willing to work on a project, part-time, fractional or full-time basis.

How it works

Freelance marketing and communications professionals need to apply to have a profile listed on the site. The site says applicants will be evaluated based on experience and whether the site needs someone in your area.

And,  while the site’s FAQs say freelancer applications are reviewed within 72 hours, our reviewer found that they’re actually reviewed once a month. So don’t be surprised if your application languishes.


Publicist launched on the U.S. scene in 2022, sending messages to many seasoned journalists and communicators to sign up. The pitch: If you’re accepted into the network, you can set your own rates for copywriting, marketing and creative services. (Creative services include being a creative director, art director or videographer.)

The idea is to allow companies to order communication and marketing services a la carte, specifying what they need and then getting the chance to choose among freelancers willing to do the jobs.


Publicist requires all communication between a client and a freelancer occur within Publicist. There’s no emailing or talking outside of the platform. That can be a benefit or detriment. It can hinder communication in an industry that requires a lot of it. However, it also protects the freelancer, if the client is dishonest or threatens a bad review to get unpaid work.

User ratings within Publicist are owned by Publicist and cannot be used outside of Publicist’s platform. You cannot quote a review or advertise your great rating on your own website, for instance.

Commissions & fees

The site takes no fees from freelancer pay. Instead, Publicist tacks a 20% surcharge onto client bills to finance the site’s matchmaking and bill collection service.


The freelancer receives half of the project’s total payment when the project begins and half once the project is completed. This helps protect the freelancer from doing the work and not receiving any compensation. Payments are made through Stripe in U.S. dollars.


That said, it’s unclear whether there are jobs to be had here. 

Publicist’s job board, for instance, has just 6 entries. And the site gets about half the traffic of similar sites, such as MarketerHire. It may be that the site has clients in a few select cities. However, don’t be discouraged, if you “apply” for their marketing positions and never hear back.


There are many better-established sites that can help you find marketing and communications jobs, including MarketerHire, Mayple and GrowTal.  Others that we like include WorkingNotWorking, FreeUp, Creatively, Fiverr, and Robert Half.

Updated 5/1/2024


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