If you are a person who loves household tasks, you should check out homemaker hustles. These side hustles can help you make good money doing things for others that you’re probably already doing for yourself.

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Consider Laurie Fulford, a stay-at-home mother of two toddlers. Wanting to earn a little income in her spare time, she signed up with SudShare. She now earns about $30,000 a year, working 15 to 20 hours a week doing other people’s laundry.

“It’s a chore that most people hate to do, but I like it,” she says. “And it allows me to make a little money without being on the phone all day.

Homemaker hustles

Homemaker hustles involve cooking, cleaning, sewing, handyman/woman work, as well as shopping for groceries and caring for others. Jobs in this category can pay anywhere from $10 to more than $70 an hour. Here are a dozen online platforms that can help you find homemaker hustles.


You make dinner almost every night, right? Why not make extra and get paid for making the extra meals? A site called Shef enlists cooks to make meals for delivery. Cooks sign up with the site and submit a sample of their favorite dishes. They also must certify that they meet all the requirements to be a home cook in their area, including passing a food safety certification course.

After that, you simply say which days you’re available to cook, what you’re making, and what you charge. The site requires customers to order at least a day in advance, so you can shop, prepare, package, and cool the meal before it’s picked up and brought to the customer.


If, like Fulford, you enjoy doing laundry, you may want to sign up with SudShare. SudShare enlists people with washers and dryers to pick up, clean and deliver laundry for their neighbors. The site charges customers $1 per pound for 2-day orders and $2 per pound for rush job. The freelance launderer gets 75% of that, so 75 cents per pound. Average orders run $45, says Mort Fertel, SudShare’s co-founder and chief executive. So, the average gig pays the launderer $33.75. As “Sudsters” gain experience with the platform, they’re allowed to take multiple orders at a time, which can allow them to make a good living with part-time work.

But, you are on the hook for costs, such as the gasoline to get to and from clients, laundry soap, water, electricity and clear plastic bags to deliver orders in. Fulford estimates that these costs eat up about one-third of the revenue. But she still takes home about $19 to $25 an hour.


If you’re willing to clean or rent out baby gear, you can sign up with BabyQuip. This site helps individuals launch and operate a baby equipment rental service for traveling parents. Customers go to the BabyQuip site, plug in where they are and when they need a rental. The site then sends them a list of BabyQuip suppliers operating in that area. The BabyQuip operators determine what equipment to offer (and clean). The site charges $200 to start, which pays for the site to create a personal website for you, and it takes a 22% commission from the freelancer’s revenue.

Deep cleaners and other household help

If you want to deep clean homes, barbecues, dryer vents or offer any other specialized cleaning service, two sites can help you find customers — TaskRabbit and JiffyonDemand. TaskRabbit allows freelancers to set their own rates and describe what services they offer. JiffyonDemand has a list of services that it offers and what they cost to clients. Freelancers get the bulk of the fee — between 82% and 88%, depending on the service.

These same sites are also ideal places to offer other household services, from hanging television sets to assembling furniture.


Three sites can help you earn money by shopping for groceries — Instacart, Shipt and Dumpling. With Instacart and Shipt, you shop on demand for customers that the site finds for you. The sites determine the amount you earn.

(You can sign up with Instacart here.)

With Dumpling, you run your own personal shopping business, which gives you control over the pricing and schedule.


Love to sew? The best way to make money at it is to set up a shop on Etsy. Etsy is an arts and crafts site that invites freelancers to set up a store to market their goods. There’s no cost to set up, but the site charges a commission on each sale.

Providing care

Having children is one of the top reasons that many individuals forego traditional work to become homemakers. And if you’re already caring for your own kids, you may be in the ideal spot to make money providing care for others in your own home. A site called Wonderschool can walk you through creating a small home-based daycare business.

Other sites, such as Bambino, can connect you with one-time and occasional work. And, if you want to make yourself available to provide regular care children or adults, your best bet is Care, one of the oldest and largest caregiving sites in the nation. (You can sign up with Care here.)

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