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  • Edit academic papers

    Edit academic papers

    You love learning. And what better way to learn than to proofread and edit academic research — and get paid handsomely?

  • Human resource and insurance jobs

    Human resource and insurance jobs

    Human resource and insurance jobs involve negotiating and explaining benefits, as well as administering benefit plans.

  • Academic tutoring

    Academic tutoring

    There are plenty of academic tutoring sites to chose from. The sites we like best allow you to set your own rates and tutor online.

  • Game show

    Game show

    Your intellectual pursuits are so wide and varied that you have the knowledge of a winning game show contestant.

  • Coach athletics

    Coach athletics

    Want to coach baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis — or any other sport? Several sites will help you find clients.

  • Legal jobs

    Legal jobs

    Flexible legal jobs for attorneys, paralegals and legal secretaries can be found through a handful of sites.

  • Tutor music or drama

    Tutor music or drama

    Watching talent develop when you tutor music or drama is pure joy. Finding students is drudgery. But these sites do the drudgery for you.

  • Marketing jobs

    Marketing jobs

    If marketing is your specialty, there’s good news. A handful of online platforms can connect you with highly-paid marketing jobs.

  • Teach coding

    Teach coding

    If you’ve got mad coding skills and the patience to teach coding, these sites can help you find coding pupils.

  • Medical jobs

    Medical jobs

    Two platforms that can help you find them flexible medical jobs that are mainly geared for nurses and medical staff