Category: work general labor

  • US Ghost Adventures

    US Ghost Adventures

    US Ghost Adventures enlists freelance tour guides to give ghost tours and haunted pub crawls in more than 60 cities across the U.S. Expected pay: $25 – $50 per tour, plus tips Husl$core: $$$

  • Scrambly


    Scrambly pays individuals to test out new products, apps and games, as well as take surveys Expected pay: varies Husl$core: $$$$

  • OneMeasure Perks

    OneMeasure Perks

    OneMeasure Perks pays Android smart phone users to download their app and leave it open on the phone Expected pay: 16 cents per day Husl$core: $$$

  • Pleio


    Pleio enlists freelancers for remote customer service positions in its GoodStart program, which involves calling patients to talk about their medications. Expected pay: $0 – $15 per hour (est. See Review) Husl$core: $$$

  • Hyre


    Hyre enlists freelancers to work as servers, bartenders, cleaners and general laborers  in hospitality, health care and event security. Expected pay: You set it Husl$core: $$$$

  • Bacon


    Bacon connects warehouse, catering, cleaning and event workers with companies that need temporary help. Expected pay: $10 – $25 per hour Husl$core: $$$

  • Rare Patient Voice

    Rare Patient Voice

    Rare Patient Voice seeks caregivers and patients to provide feedback on medical products, drugs, and other aspects of health care. Expected pay: $120 per hour Husl$core: $$$$$

  • UserLinker


    UserLinker solves the geographic problem that many people have when they’re looking for paid clinical research studies. Expected pay: Varies dramatically Husl$core: $$$$$

  • Trymata


    Trymata enlists freelancers to do 20- and 30-minute user experience tests, but uses glitchy software and offers minuscule payments. Expected pay: $5 – $30 per test Husl$core:$

  • PingPong


    PingPong pays freelancers to provide user experience tests of websites, apps and prototypes for pay ranging from $30 + per hour. Expected pay: usually $30 per hour HuslScore: $$$$