Looking for legit side hustles you can do from home? You’re not alone. Over the past three years, searches for this term soared 9,042%, according to Semrush, a leading search engine marketing tool.

Fortunately, the rapid growth of the gig economy gives people who want remote side hustles plenty of choices. But beware. Even legitimate job listing sites like Indeed sometimes advertise bogus remote job offers. Any job that requires an up-front payment — or your Social Security, driver’s license or bank account information — before you start, is a scam.

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Legit side hustles you can do from home

That said, here are are 10 legit side hustles you can do from home and the online platforms where you can sign up to do them. These include a top-rated job board that investigates and publishes only legit side hustles you can do from home.


Accounting was once a fairly inflexible industry that expected accountants and bookkeepers to work in the office — often for 10 and 12 hour days. Now, several sites seek work-at-home accountants and bookkeepers, who need only attend the occasional in-office meeting or Zoom conference.

Some of the better options for those who seek accounting side hustles are Acuity Financial, Belay and Paro. Looking for full-time or contract work? Try Robert Half, AccountingDepartment, WAHVE or Bookminders.

Animal care

If you don’t mind canine company, you can watch dogs in your own home while their owners are on vacation or looking for doggie daycare. A site called Rover can help you find clients. However, you set your own rates, availability and specify the types of animals you’re willing to watch and the services you provide. You can, for instance, provide dog walks; animal boarding; doggie daycare; drop-in visits; and housesitting. Typical rates range from $20 for a half-hour walk to $50 per pet for housesitting or for overnight boarding.


Both big and small companies sometimes need to bridge skill gaps or solve problems by hiring consultants. And while some consulting jobs must be done in person, some sites, such as Maven, specialize in phone and online consultations. You say what topics you’re able to consult on. The site sends appropriate client offers as they come up. It’s far from regular work. But, when gigs are available they tend to pay generously.

Editing & Writing

If you have a good command of grammar and an eye for finding typos and subject/verb disagreements, you may be able to make good money editing everything from research papers to books. Literally dozens of sites can help you find work. Some of the best: Contently, Skyword, ServiceScape and PenguinFreelancers.

Interior design

Interior designers who are able to work with popular design software can sign up with a number of design firms that offer legit side hustles from home. These companies typically pay by the design, plus commissions on any products that the client buys through affiliated retailers. The best-paying sites include Decorilla, Decorist and Modsy.

Tech Help/Website design

If you have technical skills, a wide array of sites will help you find clients in everything from coding to website design, user experience, data science, and troubleshooting. Some of the best: Braintrust, TopTal, Robert Half and WorkingNotWorking.


Fast typists can earn a nice income transcribing court records, police calls, medical and academic research. Pay is generally based on the audio minute, so the faster you transcribe, the more you earn. The best places to find legit side hustles from home in this category include DittoTranscripts, GMR Transcription and Transcription Outsourcing.


Tutoring can be done online or in person. However, the best sites let tutors decide how they want to make their services available. Some online platforms with attractive terms include Wyzant, TutorOcean and LessonFace.


People who need audio for advertisements, YouTube videos and informational content, will pay by the word for actors able to provide voice-over services. There are dozens of sites that connect these actors with clients. The best include Fiverr and Voices.


If you are looking for remote and flexible work in pretty much any field, a site called FlexJobs may be worth checking out. This site offers job listings that you can find elsewhere. But, it investigates the offers to cull out scams and misrepresentations. Although you must pay a modest membership fee to access the job listings here, people who use the site say it’s well worth the cost. You can sign up with FlexJobs here.

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